Recovered & Prime PAPER INDENTOR

Recovered & Prime PAPER INDENTOR

Waste Paper Origin Industries

Over 25+ Years of experience in Paper Industry

We are one of the largest and fastest growing company in India for recovered and prime paper import and export. We are proud to be an Indian company dealing globally to cater all types of paper requirements.

We develop change

We Believe, Recyclable products true value is determined by recycling.

About Us

Synergising Growth in Recycling Industry

Origin industries is a creation of Mr Dinesh & Vishnu Maloo, having years of experience under their belt in our sphere of operation. Under their proficient guidance we have been able to attain new heights and cover this road of success. Their sharp business sense and desire to reach the top are the two major pillars behind our steady growth.

Our Products

We Have

Brown Grade
White Grade
Mix Grade
Specialty Grades

Waste paper (Recovered) products

We consistently cater the needs of all major mills throughout the Asia who are committed to recover waste paper into prime grades. We believe in long lasting commitments and provide the best recyclables from around the globe with a product mix as specified below.
Brown Grade
    • Old Corrugated Cartons ( OCC All Grades )
    • Double Sorted Corrugated Cartons (DSOCC)
    • New Double Lined Kraft Cutting (NDLKC)
    • Kraft Liner Board (KLB)
White Grade
    • Sorted Office Paper (SOP)
    • Coated Book Stock (CBS)
    • Printer Off Cutting (POC)
    • Scan Board Cutting
    • Plastic Window Envelope
    • Cup stocks
Mix Grade
    • Soft Mix
    • Hard Mix
    • Old News Paper
    • Box Board Cutting (BBC)
    • Over Issue Newspaper
    • Hogged Books
    • News & Pams
    • Magazines
Specialty Grades
    • Sorted White Ledger (SWL)
    • Tissue waste
    • Thermal paper
    • Softwood & Hardwood Pulp

Finished (Prime) Paper

In Origin Industries, we cater to the extensive range of prime paper. We have unmatched offers from the industry leaders in paper grades, be it Specialty grades, Packaging, Writing & Printing or made to order with your exact specifications delivered at your requested port.
Kraft Liner Grades
    • Kraft liner board (KLB)
    • Fluting & Medium paper
    • Test liner
    • White Top Kraft Liner (WTKL)
Kraft Paper Grades
    • BBS
    • Super Wrapping Poster
    • Poster Paper
    • Golden Ribbed
    • MG Paper
Duplex Board
    • FBB
    • SBS
    • Grey Back / White Back
Writing & Printing Paper
    • Copier
    • Maplitho
Kraft Liner Grades
Kraft Paper Grades
Duplex Board
Writing & Printing Paper

Metal grade

Every day we see new transformation happening around us and with such an organised trade metal is the most valuable item in the recycling industry.
  • HMS No 1 & 2
  • Mixed steel cuttings
  • 0A Plate & Girder
  • 4A Low Residual Bales

Rice grades

Rice is the most common and universal grain used by everyone in their daily diet, keeping this in mind we strive to deliver best quality across the globe and fulfill the never ending demand throught the globe.
  • Long Grain Rice
  • Short Grain Rice

  • Parboiled Rice

  • Polished Rice

  • Brown Rice

  • Basmati Rice

Rice Grades Origin Industries

Importing from these Countries

US, UK, Canada, Europe, UAE, Malta, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

Exporting to these countries

China, Bangladesh, UAE, Sri Lanka, Kenya, South Africa

Do You Know This Fact?

Waste Paper Metal Scrap Finished Paper Rice
Recycled Volume In (%) Per Capita Consumption in (KG)
INDIA 20 25 13 71
WORLD 67 35 57 79

1000 KG Of Paper Recycled Saves​

1 Litres
1 Sq. Ft
1 KW
1 Litres
Air Pollution

Only about 30% of all municipal solid waste is recovered for recycling

With over 5,000 different kinds of paper products and by-products, paper is the number one trash that is thrown away

The recovery rate for paper and paperboard waste in the United States has gone up to over 50% in recent years

Today, more than 36% of the fiber used to make new paper products in the United States comes from recycled sources

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